Tuesday, February 23, 2010

VBA (Visual Boy Advance) - Gameboy advanced emulator

This is best Gameboy emulator for the computer. It allows people to make the game go a lot more faster with the press of a button, it graphics are not that crash hot, but it's not supposed to be.

Some people might complain that No$GBA is better, but I think it's the best DS emulator. VBA has better graphics and I hate having to go to a menu to speed it up, then going back to put it back down. Saving state is also a lot more easier on VBA that on No$GBA where you have to actually go to a menu, name it, then save. With VBA, all you have to do is hold shift and one of the F(number) keys and that saves it. Then just press the F(number) key you saved it in and you've got it loaded. For more info on the No$GBA emu, stay tuned for another entry.

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